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Stained Glass cutting tools by Glastar, Toyo, Inland, Bevel King, Fletcher and more at great prices! Tools Glass Cutters: Circle/Strip Glass Cutters: TOYO CIRCLE SUPERCUTTER. The TC Supercutter features a rubber vacuum cup and scribed alignment demarcations for accurate tool placement. The thrust bearing unit is positioned on a. Cutter's Mate Replacement Cutting Head. The CSG Cutting Head is designed to fit all Cutter's Mate Stained Glass products. This head is precision CNC machined and then Nickel plated to increase operating life durability. The head embodies a precision ground, tungsten carbide wheel. Silberschnitt Pad with Strip and Circle Cutters, Silberschnitt Pro Circle Cutter with Ball-Bearing Head, Glass Scoring and Breaking Mat Stained Glass • Fusing • Mosaics • Jewelry Supplies Gift Cards.

Stained glass circle strip cutter
Stained glass circle strip cutter

Ideal for crafters who have trouble gripping a traditional glass cutter due to arthritis or carpal stained glass circle strip cutter syndrome! Ideal for taking on the road - lightweight, acrylic arm. Offers more cutting area and stability 21" The wildly popular Cutter's Mate systems is now available in an easily portable version! Now you can take your Cutter's Mate with you to shows, or to a class, or just have it fit nicely in a "size-challenged" studio.
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Stained glass circle strip cutter
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