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Sex Positions After Joint Replacement. You’ve had joint replacement surgery, and your healthcare provider has said it’s OK to have sex. You may be wondering what positions are safe. These positions should be safe after either a hip or a knee replacement. Try . The question of when you can have sex after surgery is a common one, yet it's one many people are embarrassed to ask their surgeon. Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward, as it depends on your overall health, your post-surgical healing progress, and the type of surgery you are having. Getting Intimate After Back Surgery Back surgery is a big deal, so comply with your doctor’s orders during your back surgery recovery. You have to continue on medication for pain, undergo a series of physical rehabilitation sessions and confine yourself to those activities that do not reinjure your back.

Sex positions after surgery
Sex positions after surgery

After knee replacement surgery will I be enjoying my normal life? This is the commonest question that many people have and ask to their ortho surgeon while sex positions after surgery about life after knee replacement. Although people are embarrassed to ask about the sexual activities with their partner but people always have this thing on mind as well. Perhaps the answer to this question is yes provided you understand your bodily limitations and go accordingly. A person could have a sex as soon as the pain allows. However, there are restrictions on various activities of those knee replacement patients.
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