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They say the "stem cells bond with existing penis content to create [a] longer, fuller look," but they also suggest the stem cells are only there help the fat implants heal. Stem cell penis enlargement is a wonderful remedy for increasing the penis size. You should use this method with proper guidance to get the best out of it and increase your penis size by up to 4 inches. The latest penis enlargement craze has just hit the market as of late, one which touts itself as a natural procedure, which uses a man’s stem cells and some fatty tissue to increase the size of their penis by upwards of 3 inches.

Penis enlargement with stem cells
Penis enlargement with stem cells

Such a procedure could put their health in danger as they strive to be bigger in that area. Men are also more often writing in to penis enlargement with stem cells blog asking about this topic, weighing risks to potential benefits. Can a guy get a bigger penis using stem cells? I feel like an idiot. See graphs below from the paper indicating correlations between different methods of measurement. Can a man get a bigger penis via stem cells? All through stem cells.
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