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Bumps on head penis
Bumps on head penis

For many men out there, Bumps, or often which are known as sores can be considered as those very first noticeable signs of an STD. But the important point in here to make a notice on is that bumps on head penis are harmless and nonsexual in nature. There are many of those people who are unaware of this thing which obviously makes them feel panicked as they notice one of such bumps on their penis. One can at normal find them on the shaft of the penis just similar to pimples, a skin cyst or ingrown hairs. If you in anyway get to notice those whitish bumps on the glans of the penis or along the side edges of the glans, then know that it is bumps on head penis, but that another normal case of penile papules. These bumps or sores on the penis can either be the one which is sexually transmitted or the one which is just normal in every other human being.
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Bumps on head penis
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